NOTE: This trial version only includes some CNTS data through 2008. To determine what data there are for subsequent years, please download the 2015 Edition Coverage Files. Similarly, this trial version has several 2011 and 2012 samples from the LINKS files, while the full LINKS version has links for every event after 2010.
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New Content LINKS spreadsheet files contain the links to the sources for each Domestic Conflict Event, beginning with 2011 data for: General Strikes, Purges, Government Crises, Riots, Assassinations, Anti-Government Demonstrations, Guerilla Warfare and Revolutions.

The World Bank codes and country names are included to enable easier integration with data from other sources.

Legislative Process Data:
Number of Seats, Largest Party in Legislature
Size of Legislature (Lower House)
Effectiveness of Legislature
Competitiveness of Nominating Process
Party Coalitions
Party Legitimacy
Size of Legislature/Number of Seats, Largest Party
Composite Index
Seven-Year Average
Seven-Year Total

Political Data:
Party Fractionalization Index
Type of Regime
Number of Coups d'Etat
Number of Major Constitutional Changes
Head of State
Effective Executive (Type)
Effective Executive (Selection)
Degree of Parliamentary Responsibility
Size of Cabinet
Number of Major Cabinet Changes
Changes in Effective Executive
Legislative Effectiveness
Legislative Selection
Number of Legislative Elections
Variables by Group 2015 Edition Variables.xls also shows the coverage years and descriptions of the variables.
Format The Excel format allows integration of the data into a spreadsheet or any statistical analysis package.
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