We have just released the 2015 Edition of the CNTS Data Archive. It includes updates of the Domestic Conflict Events, and the Political and Legislative variables among other additions and changes.

Our unique Domestic Conflict Event Data for every country are current with 2014 data. They include:
General Strikes
Guerrilla Warfare
Major Government Crises
Anti-government Demonstrations

NOTE: There are now four years (2011-2014) of the optional LINKS files, which consist of links to source news articles for the above events enumerated in the data archive.

In addition, we have collected a significant amount of previously missing past years’ data for the following variable groups:

Legislative Process Data:

Number of Seats, Largest Party in Legislature
Size of Legislature (Lower House)
Effectiveness of Legislature
Competitiveness of Nominating Process
Party Coalitions
Party Legitimacy
Size of Legislature/Number of Seats, Largest Party
Composite Index
Seven-Year Average
Seven-Year Total

Political Data:

Party Fractionalization Index
Type of Regime
Number of Coups d'Etat
Number of Major Constitutional Changes
Head of State
Effective Executive (Type)
Effective Executive (Selection)
Degree of Parliamentary Responsibility
Size of Cabinet
Number of Major Cabinet Changes
Changes in Effective Executive
Legislative Effectiveness
Legislative Selection
Number of Legislative Elections

Other Data:

Computer Indices
Energy Data
Industrial and Labor Force Data
Industrial Production Data
Highway Vehicle Data
Media Data
National Government Revenue and Expenditure Data
National Income and Currency Data
Physician Data
Phone Data
School Enrollment Data
Trade Data

The Cross-National Time-Series (CNTS) Data Archive provides ranges of annual data from 1815 to the present for all countries for many variables of use to the social scientist researcher.

● “It is a social science goldmine!” Dan Braha, New England Complex Systems Institute and University of Massachusetts.

● "I am pleased with the enhancement of your domestic conflict data. [LINKS-see our FAQ]" Jenifer Whitten-Woodring, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

● The MIT Technology Review Blog included the Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive in its listing of “The 70 Online Databases that Define Our Planet”.

● Frequently cited, it is one of the "leading datasets on political violence." Robert Bates, Harvard University.

● It is "possibly the most widely used event dataset..." Henrik Urdal, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO).

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